Atletico Madrid Putting Diego Costa On Sale 1

Atletico Madrid are looking to end their relationship with Diego Costa next summer. Los Rojiblancos’ management has reportedly put the controversial striker on transfer list.

According to the news from Spain, Atleti directors have gone tired of Costa’s behavior recently. The striker continue to struggle with injuries and suspension this season.

Those situation have been putting Diego Simeone’s side under lots of trouble, especially when they need his service. The management believes that selling him will be the best decision for everyone.

However, Simeone reportedly is still keen on keeping Costa around for a while. Something that the management clearly not very happy to hear.

Nevertheless, considering his age and recent injury status it won’t be easy for Atletico to sell the Spanish international. Atleti might have to accept getting slightly lower transfer fee if they’re insisting in selling next summer.

The 30-year-old has been struggling with injuries recently, not to mention having a difficult attitude too handle. Those combination are not something that many teams can afford to handle.

Still, the striker when fit is still a very exciting player to have on any teams rosters. However, it will be difficult to expect him becoming the main striker in any top teams at the moment.

If he is struggling to get fit every season, no big teams will be keen on gambling on Costa. Unless, the striker agree to be sign only as a squad player and being part of the club’s rotation policy.


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