Milan Could Return Bakayoko to Chelsea 1

The future of Timoue Bakayoko becomes unclear again after recent reports suggesting AC Milan might not redeem him. The Rossoneri’s initial plan was to take their option in singing the Frenchman from Chelsea.

However, that plan seems to change following recent incident which saw him arriving late for training. That situation angered Milan’s boss, Gennaro Gattuso, who decided to punish the whole team because of it.

Gattuso eventually sent the team for a five day training camp because of that incident. Some Rossoneri players tried to persuade their boss in canceling his decision, but the former midfielder was firm with his decision.

Unfortunately for Bakayoko, it was not the first bad situation that happened to him. Recently, the former AS Monaco triggering an unnecessary situation between him and Lazio player, Francesco Acerbi.

After an online banter, the 24-year-old was mocking Acerbi by showcasing the defender’s jersey in front of Milan’s fans. That action was considered as an unsportsmanlike behavior, creating bad press for the club.

Seeing that Milan have been performing really poor recently, Gattuso seems upset with the lack of positive attitude from his players. Bakayoko’s late arrival for training seems to be the final straw for the tactician as he can’t contain his disappointment.

This situation could jeopardize Bakayoko’s potential stay at San Siro for next summer. Milan management might decide to return the Frencman back to Chelsea instead.