Atletico Madrid Confirming Marcos Llorente Signing from Real Madrid 1

Atletico Madrid and their arch rival, Real Madrid, maybe competing on the pitch but they remain professional in the transfer market. Proof of their positive relationship is the recent transfer of Marcos Llorente from Real to Los Rojiblancos this Thursday, June 20.

Atleti confirming the midfielder’s arrival on their official website, revealing that he will be signing a five year deal. Rumors also claiming that Los Rojiblancos are paying 40 million Euro for Llorente’s service to their city rival.

The player will be signing his contract after completing the regular medical test. Llorente looks set to be a replacement for Rodri, who could be leaving Atletico this summer.

Although 40 million Euro is far from a cheap price, Los Rojiblancos seem to have strong belief on Llorente. The 24-year-old has excellent qualities as a midfielder, but can also play in the heart of defense.

That versatility is always an important aspect which many tacticians, including Simeone certainly like. Having a quality talent who can cover more than one position means that the club can survive difficult situation.

Injuries or suspension are those tough moments which at times can be overcome by having versatile player. Atletico will be hoping that Llorente can provide more than just a gap fill but also an added sparks on the pitch.